17 Basic Hair Care Tips For Rebonded Hair

Tips After Rebonding Hair | The heart dependably wants what it doesn't have! So when you take a gander at the mirror and you see straight hair, you need fun twists however when you see  wavy hair, you need the provocative smooth straight look!

Back in the days hereditary qualities was the main thing that had any control over this and we had no power over our qualities. In any case, today, we have numerous advances that can give you the look you need with genuinely great results.

What is Hair Rebonding?

This is strategy for artificially unwinding the hair so that the twists can be turned straight. This treatment is proposed for lady with voluminous and unmanageable hair. At the point when done right, this method tames down the hair well and its belongings keep going for a genuinely long time.

Strategy for Hair Rebonding:

Our hair has a certain trademark because of the bonds that the protiens have between them. This is the reason a few individuals has wavy, wavvy or straight hair. To change the look, we have to change the bonds i.e. modify the holding between the protien particles.

Rebonding hair is a strategy that obliges the utilization of two chemicals:

Cream conditioner or relaxant


The cream conditioner is initially connected to the hair and permitted to sit for some time. This specialists separates  the common holding of the hair permitting it to be set in the way we need and the neutralizer structures new securities that gives our hair the straight look.

The strides are as per the following.

Hair is initially washed with a mellow cleanser

The relaxant is then connected and left for 60 minutes. This is then steamed and washed off.

The hair is currently straightened in segments

To the straightened hair, the neutralizer is connected that resets the bonds

The neutralizer is washed off

The hair is again blow dried and a serum is connected.

You are then approached not to wash your hair for 3 days after.

Are your reasoning about hair rebonding at home? It is conceivable yet it is entirely informed against as a considerable measure regarding chemicals are utilized and is best done under supervision of a specialist.


This one is yet self-evident! You have that smooth look you have been desiring for from the beginning.


This is something you need consider all the more genuinely.

Your hair will be subjected to synthetic harm amid the procedure regardless of what number of precautionary measures you take.

Hair can fall effectively after this strategy as the roots are debilitated. It is a ton of cautious taking care of.

The danger of smolders from straightener or the compound dependably stands

Tucking your hair or tying it up tight can likewise harm hair. You will need to keep lose at most times.

The touch ups will further debilitate your hair over every sitting leaving your hair extremely defenseless to different harms as well.

It is thus that individuals are encouraged to consider it painstakingly before they assent for this technique.

Administer to Rebonded Hair:

Rebonded hair needs a considerable measure more care than consistent hair. Because of all the substance medicines it has experienced, it obliges steady care and security from harm.

Here are a few tips to deal with bounced back hair

Try not to wet your hair for three days after the strategy. Yes, it implies oily hair and no swimming. The chemicals need to leak in and settle.

Try not to tie your hair or put it on the back of your ears. The hair will be in a state where it gains a shape.

When you rest, verify your hair is straight. You would prefer not to wake up to odd formed hair.

Wash your hair with cleanser and conditioner following three days. Leave the conditioner on your hair for additional minutes.

Maintain a strategic distance from utilization of any warming apparatuses. That implies no blow drying as well. In the event that you are in a need of drying hair, then utilize the cool impact of air choice.

Try not to disturb your hair for no less than six months – that implies no hair shading, no streaks, no highlighting. Your hair needs to unwind after the high dosage of straightening chemicals.

Have your hair trimmed all the time. This guarantees your hair stays in top condition. Verify there are no part closes. You don't need it to go up the length and extend the harm.

Utilization chilly water to wash your hair. Heated water will deny it of its dampness.

Verify you wash away all the buildup as anything left back will bring about tingling, hair fall and dandruff.

Utilize a wide toothed hair brush to discrete the strands. Uproot any goes head to head with extraordinary consideration. A wooden brush is best as plastic brushes are known not frizz because of static.

On the off chance that your hair is not so much oily or sleek, stay far from shampooing consistently. You can attempt substitute days or attempt co-washing which means utilizing conditioner as a cleanser and simply flushing it away.

Keep your hair safe from ecological elements – unforgiving sun beams, frosty winds and the downpours. Utilize a cap or an umbrella.

Apply a hair serum frequently. This makes a boundary between your hair and the outside and aides secure it better.

Utilize a leave in conditioner. This aides in holding the dampness and keeps dryness and frizz away.

Use hair covers often or accomplish hair spas. Your hair needs dampness and nourishment.

In the event that you wet your hair because of downpour, wash your hair like a general wash at the earliest opportunity. The salts and toxins from downpour water are profoundly harming.

Take after a nutritious eating regimen. A decent eating routine comprises of nuts, cashews, almonds and loads of products of the soil. These are known not beneficial hair.

Precautionary measures:

Leading you have to guarantee that your hair is never excessively uncovered, making it impossible to the sun and contamination. Continuously keep it secured and ensured. Rebonded hair is more powerless to sun harm and contamination

Try not to permit your hair to dry at purpose of time. Dry hair is accordingly weak, artificially treated dry hair is considerably more delicate.

Stay away from boiling hot water at all times.

Solid hair demonstrates its been dealt with – smooth to touch and frizz free. Join a decent hair care routine and treat your hair to a decent care. Rebonded hair will positively not inconvenience you an excess of on the off chance that its dealt with in the right way.

Items that can be utilized on rebonded hair

Artificially treated hair needs some additional consideration and it is for this reason that we have items made for this uncommon reason. Here are few you can attempt.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo

Grid Opticare Smooth & Straight Shampoo

L'oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Shampoo

Tell us your own tips. You comprehend what to do, shoot a remark! Stay pe