Vegan Matcha French

I used to despise french toast on the grounds that I could simply taste an 'egg-y taste' in ordinary french toast, and I find that sweet egg flavor is something I don't favor.

At that point I went Vegan and made my own particular without egg, plant-based french toast which tastes completely divine , no egg-y taste at all obviously! (not attempting to be arrogant/blowing up here, simply offering my experience okaaay), heheh.

Most formulas for veggie lover french toast out there utilize a sort of flour + plant milk + sweetener, which is alright, yet not sufficient for me! Kinda dull, not sufficiently wet.

Along these lines, after experimentation, here's my most loved french toast formula for you! I seasoned mine with matcha green tea this time (consequently the green shading), however don't hesitate to overlook it or supplant it with different flavors like chocolate/cinnamon/and so forth on the off chance that you need! :)

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Vegetarian Rainbow Rice Bowl (ver.1)

I never realized that sweet potato fries and rice would make such a flavorful combo together! This makes such an awesome RawTill4 supper! Mmm each one of those great carbs, get in mama stomach!!!

I generally attempt to make my sustenance brilliant, in light of the fact that assortment on what you eat is imperative! Each one of those bright vegetables have distinctive supplement profiles, so eating a mixture of hues will help you get all the supplements that you require! Additionally its simply sight to behold right? Nutritious + Colorful nourishment = Perfect.

For rice dish form one, I bested my dish of crisply steamed rice with my most loved firm sweet potato fries, balsamic cooked beets, and bubbled edamame beans.

I get this question a ton, "Where do veggie lovers get their protein from?" and the answer is