Pitaya Power Smoothie Bowl

I truly cherish it when my sustenance gets madly wonderful decent and brilliant! You see, too me visual is pretty much as critical as taste, y'know! Hahahah, I figure I'm simply a craftsman on the most fundamental level. (all through the kitchen ;) !)

Nope, its not acai or blueberries that gave this such a sublime, distinctive shading, however its Pitaya! (Otherwise called red mythical serpent natural product) It's one of the least expensive, most normal natural product where I live yet I simply attempted it out as of late, on account of my organic product adoring companion at Instagram! (furthermore, I'm so grateful I attempted it omg, its such a superb natural product genuinely!!)

Also, no, I didn't alter the shading of the smoothie or include any fake shading by any means! That stunning purple-pink shading simply originates from 'red-purplish' pitaya + "white" bananas!! Earth furnishes us with such a large number of characteristic colourings, so do remember that on the off chance that you contact those manufactured hues!!

I finished mine with a few cuts kiwis, cubed pineapples (additionally fixated on pineapples right now, so great mmm… ), and my-must-include topping which is granola (crunch-crunch-crunch)!

Useful for the eyes, as well as this child right here is additionally reallyyy useful for your body (and your tastebuds)! Also that its super simple to make! Impeccable to make for breakfast on occupied mornings, or when you return home from a tiring day at work, or for supper (LOL essentially whenever).


4 ready bananas, solidified overnight (utilize all the more/less relying upon how hungry you are)

1 red mythical serpent organic product, solidified overnight

1 tbsp coconut sugar (discretionary, yet makes it extremely delicious)

fixings of your decision (I utilized pineapples, kiwi, and granola. I find that crunchy things make smoothies/dessert taste genuine great so do attempt to include some crunchy fixings alongside a few natural products!)


Put the solidified bananas & winged serpent natural product (cut into little pieces), into a fast blender/nourishment processor. Mix until it turns pleasant & smooth, include the coconut sugar and mix once more. (I don't include any water, yet you can add a little if necessary to help it mix).

Scoop into a  dish, top with your most loved garnishes! Appreciate!