Raw Vegan Tropical Ice Cream Sundae

I can't even let you know how amazingly flavorful this is. 

Banana dessert is simply the best breakfast ever. It's fair so supernatural you know, how essentially some solidified bananas can change into a flavorful, smooth, and rich delicate sevre dessert! In the event that you haven't attempted it before than you just need to. Like, genuinely. 

This time I made something some more tropical, its really roused by a sweet in Indonesia (where I live) which comprises of shaved ice with syrup or frozen yogurt, tropical natural products, and finished with something comparable (overlooked the name of that seed) to these doused chia seeds I put on top. 

I included some lime juice into the frozen yogurt which truly gives a tropical flavor! 

Goodness and, some granola on top for me, only on the grounds that I require some pleasant smash with my frozen yogurt( (or anything truly). 

I utilized 5 bananas for this, however in the event that you're still new to this "way of life" (high carb low fat veggie lover) then you can utilize less (no less than 3). In any case, 5 is not that much, I know individuals that have been in this way of life for quite a while who eat 7-8 in one dinner so better believe it, simply remember that ;) 


5 ready bananas, cut into little lumps, & solidified overnight (utilize all the more/less relying upon how hungry you are) 

juice of 1 little lime 

2 tbsp coconut sugar/maple syrup/ other sweetener that you favor 

1 tbsp chia seeds 

1/4 c water 

Fixings: organic products (I utilized cubed pineapple, strawberries), granola 


Drench the chia seeds in 1/4 c water overnight. 

Put the solidified bananas, lime juice, and sweetener into a rapid blender/sustenance processor (don't utilize a general blender as it needs heaps of fluid and it will transform into a smoothie). Mix until it transforms into a smooth, delicate serve frozen yogurt( (you will need to rub down the sides at times). 

Put into a dish, top with the organic products, granola, and drenched chia seeds. Appreciate!!!