Vegan Rainbow Rice Bowl

I never realized that sweet potato fries and rice would make such a tasty combo together! This makes such an awesome RawTill4 supper! Mmm every one of those great carbs, get in mama stomach!!!

I generally attempt to make my nourishment brilliant, on the grounds that assortment on what you eat is imperative! Every one of those vivid vegetables have diverse supplement profiles, so eating a mixture of hues will help you get all the supplements that you require! Also its simply sight to behold right? Nutritious + Colorful sustenance = Perfect.

For rice dish form one, I bested my dish of newly steamed rice with my most loved fresh sweet potato fries, balsamic broiled beets, and bubbled edamame beans.

I get this question a ton, "Where do veggie lovers get their protein from?" and the answer is…


Truly, this serving of edamame here (200 grams) has 22 grams of protein. So no doubt, edamame is my most loved veggie lover protein source (and its so CHEAP and heavenly). There are likewise A LOT of other protein sources (hell, all that we eat has protein! Indeed, even organic products!), like tempeh, tofu, nuts & seeds, verdant greens, and so on. So that is correct, veggie lovers can get their protein pretty effortlessly, simply verify that you're sufficiently eating nourishment.

Errrr… .. what about one final look of these super-yummy fresh sweet potato fries ? YUM.

Many individuals let me know they made it and they LOVE it, so unquestionably attempt it out on the off chance that you haven't as of now!! ;)


Firm Baked Fries

1 serving cooked rice (I utilized around 3 mugs cooked)

200 grams edamame beans, bubbled for 5 mins and depleted *read note underneath

1 medium beet, peeled, cut into dainty cuts

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp coconut sugar

smoked paprika powder, to taste

dried herbs, to taste

salt & pepper, to taste

stew/red pepper pieces, to taste


To make the broiled beets, put the cut beets into a dish and hurl with the balsamic vinegar, dried herbs, salt & pepper and coconut sugar (you can likewise utilize chestnut sugar/maple syrup).

Organize the cuts on a material lined preparing sheet, heat in a preheated 200 Celcius stove for 20-30 minutes until cooked through (watch at the 20 moment imprint or a touch prior to verify its not blazing).

Scoop your serving of rice into a dish, top with the bubbled edamame, firm heated sweet potato fries, and simmered beet cuts.

Sprinkle your rice with some smoked paprika and different flavors that you like. Appreciate!!!

*note: Just in the event that you haven't attempted edamame some time recently, don't eat the external cases, however pop the "beans" inside into your mouth